Boy Pablo - Live in Taipei
演出Boy Pablo
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    Boy Pablo - Live in Taipei

    TP&C Presents: Boy Pablo Live in Taipei

    -- 如果嚐過單戀的酸甜,
    那你一定能懂Boy Pablo歌裡的甜蜜酸楚--

    18歲的詞曲唱作人 Pablo Muñoz,兩年前開始以“boy pablo”為名展開創作。2016年迄今,他已經發行了3張單曲,以及一張收錄6首歌曲的EP。帶著懷舊氣氛的快樂嗓音,時常被拿來跟Mild High Club, Yellow Days and Mac Demarco等人做聯想。

    跟他一起玩團的,都是他身邊的摯友,一夥人靠著音樂闖蕩世界各地,已經遠遠超越18歲少年該有的經歷。從故鄉挪威發跡的他們,曾經在挪威的國王與王后前演出,在挪威國家級的電台Norwegian radio P3 Ruben空中開演,也曾在伯根Bergen為了世界自行車大賽World Cycling Championship而唱。並於各大音樂季中,以最年輕的藝人之姿登台開唱。

    所有的創作都是 Pablo Muñoz 自己寫的,希望藉著他的音樂而能有機會接觸各地的聽眾。Pablo跟他的朋友一起創立了音樂廠牌777 Records,自己經紀自己、自己推廣音樂、自己敲巡演。

    時代是屬於願意做夢並且勇於實現的人,Boy Pablo就是一個最好的例證。

    18-year-old singer-songwriter Pablo Muñoz started the project “boy Pablo” in 2016. Since then, Pablo has released 3 singles and a 6-track EP. His sound can be described as happy yet melancholic, and is often compared to other talented artists like Mild High Club, Yellow Days and Mac Demarco.

    Joining him on stage are his best friends, who have been with him through more events than most artists at the age of 18: the boys have played for the King and Queen of Norway, performed live on Norwegian radio P3 Ruben, played at the World Cycling Championship in Bergen, at Norwegian festivals Slottsfjell and Bergenfest, supported Captured Tracks-artist Beach Fossils at Red Bull Sound Select in Oslo, and was the youngest booked artist for the industry-festival Vill Vill Vest in Bergen in 2016.

    Every song in Pablo’s library has been produced and written by himself. In hopes of giving his music a real chance to reach out to listeners worldwide, Pablo and his friends launched the music collective/label 777 Records, which has been functioning as Pablo’s management-, promotion- and booking-apparatus.

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    日期 | Date : 2018 / 11 / 18
    地點 | Venue:THE WALL LIVE HOUSE 公館
    地址 | Address:台北市羅斯福路四段200號B1
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