Bon Iver 公開暌違三年之新曲

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Bon Iver 昨日在 NPR Media 網站上公開暌違三年的新作〈Heavenly Father〉,這首單曲也是繼樂團上一張專輯《Bon Iver, Bon Iver》的第一首公開發表作品,這首新作將會收錄在 Zach Braff 導演的喜劇新作《Wish I Was Here》 原聲帶中,今日開始便可在 iTune Store 下載全曲!


〈Heavenly Father〉

ever since i heard the howling wind
i didn’t need to go where a bible went
but then you know your gifts seemed heaven sent
just lead me to a choler, dad, thats the thing

i don’t know how you house the sin
but you’re free now
i was never sure how much of you i could let in
am i free now
won’t you settle down baby here your love has been
heavenly father
it’s defiantly lava
why you don’t carry other names

heard about a day where it dropped the Know
to go another day as we learn to close

cause I’m a known coward in a coward wind
but you’re free now
you turn around now and you count to 10
to see you go now
well i know now honey that i can’t pretend
heavenly father
is whose brought to his autumn
and love is left in end

i just been up here for god damn years
can you see now?
filling up hulls with god damn fears
i am free now
i know about it darling i been standing here
heavenly father
is all that he offers
a safety in the end

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