陳敏強 & Shark Li Fun

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聲音藝術家, 他的作品傳達許多”故事 " 關於音樂和儀器的想法而且也是一種被隱藏在背後的幽默所造成的解析。所有這一切都發生了探索過程中,定意新的聲音世界和擴展多媒體的觀點並以促進他們的反應。
DennisTan is a sound artist who deals with universal themes and the communication between individuals and society. His work is conceptual and influenced by his personal experiences. The impulse to develop sound body resulting from his interest in the sound and the material in the literal sense. In the creation of sound bodies the inclusion of environment, perception and communication patterns play a formative role. His works convey "stories" about the ideas of music and instrument and its analysis are also marked by hidden humor. All of this happens out of the quest, to develop new worlds of sound and to expand the multimedia perspectives and to promote their reception.

In this time, they will play as duo using voice, hand drums, bow instruments and electronics and some light setting would be nice.

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