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Performance work: Alive Painting –Planeting

隨著充滿活力的脈動與色彩,中山晃子是一個生動描繪色彩的藝術家。她的主題是反應著每個瞬間的關係, 美麗愉悅的那一刻。在顏色和聲音色彩機關與類似圖像滾動轉化的構成關係中,她試圖將作品轉譯成為一種時間化的概念。

With energy of movements, and colours, Akiko Nakayama is an artist vivifies pictures. Her themes are the relationships that reacting in every-moment, and the pleasures of beauty appear at that moment. Based on the relationship between colour and sound of colour-organ, and transforming composition like picture scrolling, she tries to make the works that transfiguring all the time.

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