Art's Difficult a.k.a Elvis.T

2013年以化名Technetium發表的單曲登上知名電子音樂下載網站Juno第18名,並得到電子權威網站Resident Advisor的特別推薦。同年四月成立新廠牌DOT Records,持續透過作品和演出來推動電子音樂文化的發展。
2015年,ELVIS.T帶著他的新名字Art’s Difficult重新出現,有別於早期比較明亮、minimal的風格,回歸到最初underground的心情,以深沉黑暗的techno試圖重新喚起靈魂深處對節拍的強烈渴求。

Hailing from Taipei, ELVIS.T started his career as a DJ back in 1998. Since 2001, ELVIS.T has been producing electronic music and is recognized as a pioneer in electronic music production in China. His techno/minimal tracks reflect his exquisite style and deep understanding of different music genres, and present an experience of sound that leave listeners captivated, moved and inspired. It is no fluke that ELVIS.T’s original approach, crisp technique and focus on attention to subtle sonic details quickly escalated his reputation internationally.
In 2007, ELVIS.T moved to Beijing and quickly became one of the most sought-after DJ names in the Chinese electronic scene.
His works has also been picked up by overseas labels including Germany,UK, Japan,Switzerland,Korea and Malaysia.ELVIS.T was also titled "Best DJ in Beijing” in TimeOut Beijing magazine 2010 Bar & Club Awards and was voted “Beijing-Based DJ of The Year” in City Weekend Readers’ Choice 2011 Awards.
In 2013, his track “Holzig” under a new artist name “Technetium” reached No. 18 on Juno Download Techno Chart, and was also recommended by RA.
In April 2013, ELVIS.T founded new label DOT Records, which will keep push the development of China’s electronic music scene.

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