Roberto Piqueras

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#Roberto Piqueras
DJ 風格橫跨電音, 雷鬼, 嘻哈及Trap. Bejork 跟夏奇拉也是常客. 風格幽默俗艷, 有著讓人跟不上腳步的戲謔. 身為東倫敦East Block的常駐DJ, 2014在多倫多為Le1f世界巡迴開場, 他是時尚西哈圈裡受人注目的潮流創造者.
生於西班牙, 現居倫敦, 跨領域創作者Roberto, 同時為時裝設計師, 錄像藝術家與DJ. 他的美感強烈的代表著網路世代,貫徹的是人與社會的風景.
新一季的概念影片中, 他以個人行為做出發, 在倫敦的夜晚張貼海報佔地為王. 其中拼貼各國的議題片段, 表達他深為現世代的關切, 並帶入許多網路視覺元素,以輕挑幽默的手法訴說.
Roberto Piqueras plays across Electronic, Reggaeton, Hip Hop and Trap. His humorous and sassy DJ style led you to be happily manipulated on the dance floor. He's a regular face at the London club East Block, and had only just opened a show for Le1f 's world tour in Canada Nov 2014.

Born in Madrid, now lives and creates in London, the multi talented video artist, fashion designer and DJ Roberto is focused on individuals and the public spaces (both physical and virtual). His net art influenced aesthetic and the concerns of cross culture contemporary issues are well composed and discussed in his latest fashion video (on the top of the description). It is also the inspiration of #MidnightRiot.

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