DJ Code

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On the leading edge of Asia’s electronic music scene, DJ Code began making a name for himself even before releasing an album, creating music for films such as Golden Horse Award- winning “Eternal Summer” and luxury brands like Sobranie. He displayed equal prowess at
spinning for a party crowd, coming in as the 2nd runner-up at the Summer Aquarian Rave in 2007, and the 1st runner-up in a remix competition for Sandy Lam. His talent for remixing recently
received a nod from Love Da Records, who released his official remix of the single “Almost Home”
from Moby’s album “Innocents”.
In 2009, he debuted his first EP on Beatport.com, the world’s largest DJ music store with
a catalogue of over a million tracks, where his song “Buddha” rose to the top 50 downloads in the site. The following year, DJ Code signed with High Note Records and released “Asia River”, which was nominated for Best Electronic Song at the Golden Indie Music Awards and later used in Golden Bell Award-winning travel show “Fun Taiwan”.
DJ Code has played alongside Japan’s number one disco queen, Ouyang Feifei. He also performed at the Zebra Music Festival, one of mainland China’s largest festivals, in 2012. Over 150,000 were in attendance. His ability to entertain a large crowd has also gotten him an invitation for the upcoming 2014 Taipei Lantern Festival, which will feature 40 renowned bands, singer- songwriters and DJs to perform.
No stranger to high-profile clients, he has spun at launch parties for major brands like Armani Exchange, Aston Martin, BMW, Hennessy and Louis Vuitton, and produced music for prominent companies like ASUS, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Samsung, and Uniqlo. 2013 earned yet another nomination at the Golden Bell Awards for his work in an indigenous TV ad series.
His credits as a producer, recording and mixing engineer, and composer who specializes in fusing traditional and modern Chinese instruments with progressive and tech house beats, makes
DJ Code an artistic force to be reckoned with. His appeal as a cross-cultural artist who can appeal
to a diverse audience, from music enthusiasts to trendy consumers, positions him as one of Taiwan’s top DJs.

擁有專業錄音師背景的Code Wu在聲音處理的細膩度備受肯定,長年豐富的派對活動 DJ經驗,及精準的品牌配樂製作,使得經常受邀各大時尚精品品牌合作商演,DJ演出 與音樂製作達十年以上資歷。 自2009年於全球最大數位電子音樂平台「Beatport」發行個人創作 「The Gate EP」其中 一首單曲『Buddha』更是進入Beatport Top Download前50名,強烈的個人音樂風格,引 領了全球時尚的亞洲電子音樂潮流。 2010年他擠身亞洲映象唱片首位發片藝人,發行『Sonar Groove Transition』個人混音專 輯,更在2012年發行首張個人創作專輯『江水Asia River』,此張專輯推出後即在內地 與海內外廣受好評 ; 舒淇領銜時尚品牌Kenzo香水廣告音樂製作人-Shanghai Restoration Project 讚譽:「Code Wu的音樂是完美東西方精神結合,他的音樂不可思議的引人冥 想.... 」。由於個人創作專輯一推出就備受注目,Code Wu也因此多次受邀海內外重要 音樂節演出。

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