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Kontra-Musik label head Ulf Eriksson is now avaliable as solo dj or part of label showcases.

Ulf Eriksson (Kontra-Musik)
Ulf Eriksson runs Kontra-Musik, a label based in Malmö, Sweden’s southernmost city. Kontra’s carefully curated catalogue and divergent aesthetic is having an increasingly significant influence on electronic music internationally. Kontra-Musik is a label that fully embraces today’s radically open aesthetic. Its artists include among others: TM404, Frak, Mokira, Jonsson/Alter, Jason Fine and Rivet with remixes from Morphosis, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann and Heinrich Mueller to name a few. A labor of love, the label has flourished and boosted the profile of all the artists involved including Eriksson himself. Eriksson is nowadays a very visible DJ outside Sweden, holding many live dates. Being a vinyl dj for more than 15 years, his sets is the result of someone who still consider dj:ing a true art form and a tool to go deep into music over time.
- To really become a dj takes time, practice, musicality and last but not least, a great knowledge of music, says Ulf Eriksson.
His dj-sets are a reflection of the label output, blending styles with ease, mixing with personality, perfection and an open mind.

Ulf has several mixes out on respected on curated podcast series’ including Modyfier, mnml ssgs, Smoke Machine and RBMA.

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