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DJ NOBU (Future Terror/ Bitta - Chiba, Japan)

NOBU’s stance as a DJ can be best described as underground — his persistence is undisputed.
However, that should not be confused with stylistic inflexibility.

Rather, his approach is singular and ever-changing, constantly modified and adjusted to the quality and the concept of each gig he plays. He keeps it all underground, yet he manages to mutate it. It is this ability that makes him stand out, as can be heard on his official mixes such as [Dream Into Dream] (tearbridge), [ON] (Musicmine), [No Way Back] (Lastrum) and [Creep Into The Shadows] (Underground Gallery.)

In recent years, he has been programming his set around highly abstract techno with authentic floor anthems, textured avant-electronic music as well as unknown house tracks, along with even more obscure contemporary electronic pieces. He excels in threading challenging tracks from his wide repertoires into a compelling story.

What he could present on the dance floor with his DJ set has gained much love and applause, even among many international acts he shared the stage with. Lately, he has been touring regularly to Europe including several appearances at the techno institution Berghain, collaborating with Smoke Machine crew from Taiwan, building his network worldwide to explore his new frontiers.

他不是Techno Dj,也不是House Dj,他涉掠的音樂類型比大部份的Dj都還要廣泛。
另外,NOBU也數度造訪美國底特律,那是他音樂的創造性及態度的源頭。他也在那裡被當地的派對「Detroit Beat Down」和「Moods & Grooves」邀請演出,而在2010年4月,Marcel Dettmann更邀請NOBU前往柏林的Berghain,在他個人專輯的首發派對放歌。他卻以精湛無暇的演出,在全世界最挑嘴的地下電音聽眾面前證明了自己的實力。 近年來,NOBU在幕後音樂製作及混音的領域甚至比起他在Dj台前的付出還更努力,該是時候讓全世界發掘埋藏在日本的秘寶-- DJ NOBU了!

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