Sling & Samo (Born Free)

SAMO DJ [L.I.E.S. / Born Free]
無論是個人演出或和他拍檔-Sling的雙人組表演, Samo深不見底的黑膠唱片袋中裝滿了原始House聲響,以及有著奇怪Techno元素的音樂. 往往創作裡使用出乎意料的特效音色也完全違背了我們印象中的音樂分類。他音樂中南非節奏,實驗性合成效果和義大利disco節拍更是讓他獨樹一格的原因之一。
Whether solo or in duo with his long-time collaborator Sling, Samo creates music that defies easy categorization, mixing elements of raw house music and techno with odd samples taken from his obscure record collection. South American rhythms, experimental synth music and Italo disco bits can be heard in his tracks, providing them a unique flavor that sets him apart from the pack.
在幾首由他自家廠牌Born Free 創作單曲發表後, Samo 於 2013年在大家耳熟能詳的紐約音樂大廠 L.I.E.S. Records發行 EP 成功擄獲許多創作者的心。 其中John Talabot 更挑選 Samo 的EP “Tai Po Kau” 作為他 在DJ Kicks 的 CD 專輯主打。而之後 L.I.E.S. Records 立即在 Samo 和Max Stenerudh合作而化名的 “KWC 92”發行一張新 LP – “Dream Of The Walled City”,探索更多緩和節拍和環境音樂而獲得公眾的一致好評(旋即在各黑膠網站全部完售的狀況) 。
After several productions for his own label Born Free, Samo released in 2013 an EP on the notorious L.I.E.S. record label that caught the ears of many producers, including John Talabot who picked his track “Tai Po Kau” for his DJ Kicks mix CD compilation. This was followed by an LP on the same L.I.E.S. label under the name KWC 92, exploring more downtempo and ambient directions, and gaining the same critical and public acclaim (as well as selling out almost immediately on vinyl).

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