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James Cooper (又名 Bi-Bop) 是推動倫敦近幾年最令人興奮的派對之一 “ReviveHER” 背後的主謀。 他曾在紐約的Cielo, Acne party, 柏林的 The Coop, Renate 和東京的 Womb, Air, Warehouse, Oath, Bugged Out, 巴黎的 Nuba Concrete 甚至在倫敦和曼徹斯特的傳奇派對系列 Bugged Out 駐場了好幾年。除了DJing之外,James 同時也是國際級的專業model. 他曾經為 Prada, Fred Perry, Diesel 和 Uniqlo等品牌的當家模特兒。結合DJ 和時尚的概念,James 今年也在巴黎時裝周舉辦了一場盛大的派對。

James Cooper aka Bi-Bop is the mastermind behind London’s most exciting party of the last few years, ReviveHER. As a DJ, he has played in NYC (Cielo, Acne party), Berlin (The Coop, Renate), Tokyo (Womb, Air, Warehouse, Oath, Bugged Out), Paris (Nuba, Concrete), as well as being a resident for many years at the legendary Bugged Out party in Manchester and London.
Alongside his DJ carreer, James is also modeling internationally, and has been in the past the face of Prada, Fred Perry, Diesel and Uniqlo internationally. Combining these two aspects, he just organized earlier this year a party for the Paris Fashion Week.

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