2008開始DJ生捱,INN一直不滿足於對電子音樂的探索,從一開始對於Electro indie dance和Dubstep等等音樂類型的鑽研後,漸漸在Techno找到自己的世界。2011年開始創作之路,並於2013年前往柏林精進音樂製作,在柏林Urban Spree的演出回台後,隨即於上海廠牌Dot Record發行了單曲Home。2012~2013年於臺北Luxy.W-Hotel等店擔任駐場DJ。目前INN則不定期於各獨立派對演出,帶來歐陸以及個人最新的Techno聲音與創作。

At the time that his DJing career kicked off in 2008, Inn found the strains of electronic dance music he'd been exposed to (electro indie dance, dubstep, et al.) were not entirely what he was after. When at long last turned on to the sound of Techno, it delivered the eardrum kick that other genres had never quite mustered. By 2011 Inn had begun dabbling in music production, thus making a visit to Berlin this year particularly meaningful given that city's status as the nerve center of all things Techno. The opportunity to DJ at Urban Spree was a highlight of Inn's Berlin interlude, followed thereafter by a personal milestone of having his debut single “Home” see release on Shanghai's DOT Records label. Back in Taipei Inn can be regularly heard at discerning one-off events promoting underground sounds.

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