[Taipei, Taiwan]

Dress Shop

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DRESS SHOP creates music with the pop-rock sensibilities of the 1990’s and the later indie-rock sound. The influence of artists such as Billy Corgan and Brian Wilson are not difficult to recognize. DRESS SHOP was founded in Taipei in 2013 and consists of members Adam Chen, Teddy Ho, Wes Wu, Delbert Ty and Nat Boda.

DRESS SHOP 的音樂與90年代時期和後來的獨立搖滾的流行搖滾有很深的淵源。像有受到音樂家如 Billy Corgan 和 Brian Wilson 的影響是不難在我們的歌曲中被發現的。 DRESS SHOP 成立於2013年台北, 由分別為來自不同文化背景跟國度的5個年輕人所組成。

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