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Sasse的本名為Klas Lindblad,身為芬蘭人的他在早期90年代的芬蘭電子場景非常的活躍,Sasse以Freestyle Man身份發表的作品被認為是北歐house場景的不朽代表,在1996年Sasse成立了Moodmusic廠牌,所發表的 "Sasse presents…"承蒙了當時紐約與底特律的影響,在歐洲的電子圈大展頭角,他網羅於Moodmusic旗下的其他好手也使他的品味與眼光受到多方的肯定。

1999年Sasse移居德國法蘭克福並於著名的Robert Johnson club擔任駐場DJ,2003年Sasse決定搬往柏林,Henrik Schwarz早期於Moodmusic發行的作品催化了"Sunday Music"的成立,一個由Sasse和Henrik主導發行的deep house廠牌,同時Sasse又搞了"Must! Records"來發行一些偏門disco/italo/chicago house類型的的作品。

2005年Sasse與Ewan Pearson成立了BlackHead Studio錄音室,他的首張專輯"Made Within the upper Stair of Heaven"於2006發行,這張專輯裡最紅的幾首歌"Soul Sounds"和 "Up to You"更是讓全世界認識了Sasse這位才子。不知道有沒有人記得Tracey Thorn收錄於"Out of the Woods"的"It's All True",這首歌就是由Sasse與Ewan Pearson共同製作的,同時發行的各個混音版本也在當時風靡一時,可說是2007夏天極具代表的歌曲。

在過去的五年,Sasse的足跡踏遍了全球各大house場景,在Berghain / Panorama Bar 的駐場更是使他成為柏林的經典人物之一,將近20年的音樂生涯,Sasse是一位極充滿生產力的製作人,週一到週五總是泡在錄音室裡以不同藝名進行創作,Freestyle Man,Cocamoto Exclusivo,Morris Brown,與Sassomatic等都是他的分身,但一到了週末他就變回Sasse,回到他最心愛的DJ崗位。

Klas Sasse Lindblad have been living, breathing and creating house music for the past 20 years. Coming from Northern Europe, born and raised in Finland, later relocated to Berlin he´s seen, heard and created many styles of electronic music in clubs and on live stages.

A dj from day one, Sasse has as well always been writing and producing music under various pseudonyms and with different artist as collaborator. Be it then the fresh collab as Hot Lunch with studio partner Ewan Pearson, the electro-tinged Mr Negative project with Holmar Filipsson from Thugfucker fame, him collaborating with Henrik Schwarz on Sunday Music or Moodmusic - or any of the numerous productions and remixes as either Sasse or his alter ego Freestyle Man for labels such as Audiomatique Recordings, Pokerflat, Bedrock, Save The Black Beauty and NoFitState- the success has brought him all over the world to represent his driving, yet deep dj-style and the sounds of his Moodmusic label.

And rightly so, the label going from strength to strength, riding high in the dj-charts as well as being supported by the majority of the a-class disc jockeys around, Moodmusic is pushing new talent as well as keeping floors bysy with well known names like Ed Ed, Pawas, Deux Tigres, Benny Grauer, Dave DK and Jack The Box.

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