Answer Code Request

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Answer Code Request的第一張EP在2011年柏林Hard Wax唱片行上架時,網路上掀起了一陣騷動,大家都在猜測這可否是另一陣techno中堅派的再起,像Marcel Dettmann和Shed等人所帶來的風潮,答案是肯定的,即使這張神祕單曲有著重新設計過的樂風,其中的工業音色與重擊節奏與著名的Berghain和Ostgut Ton所代表的聲音呼應著,但同時樂風中也有許多嶄新層次與獨特個性,繼承著柏林的techno傳統也融合了底特律的憂鬱風格,混種了英國"Artificial Intelligence"系列的末期風格與近期bass music所創新的節拍,得到的綜合體是全新且獨特的聲響與音樂概念,這不是一個既出線的創作者所嘗試的新樂風,而是一位新興藝術家所挑戰的新領域。

Answer Code Request背後的神秘製作人是Patrick Gräser,之前大家對他的種種猜測其實算是準確的,他像Marcel Dettmann一樣在柏林近郊成長,90年代DJ的共同記憶,前往大城市參加派對與收集唱片,然後開始放歌與創作,並堅持自己的理念,Answer Code Request花了稍微長一點的時間走入聚光燈,因為他想用這種方式等到一切完美蓄勢待發,然後花了極短的時間來突破與成長。從首次公開亮相,到國際知名,到Berghain駐場DJ,Answer Code Request只花了短短一年的時間,這樣子的介紹應該夠了吧?

When Answer Code Request’s first EP suddenly hit the shelves of Berlin’s seminal record store Hard Wax in 2011, speculation across the web took up instantly. Was this another incarnation of affiliated Techno stalwarts, like Marcel Dettmann or Shed? A lot of people were very sure it had to be, even if further discussion seemed to agree that the music contained on this mysterious 12” would mean a bold redesign, as it was quite a different beast. Sure, there was the industrial punch, heavy groove and fierce determination associated with the Berghain sound and Ostgut Ton’s artists, but then again there were so many unfamiliar layers and signatures. It merged Berlin’s Techno heritage with Detroit melancholia, the heyday of UK’s “Artificial Intelligence” and the rhythmic innovations of the most current bass music, and ended up with a sound original and fresh. A musical concept that was so significantly different to what was already happening, that it was indicating the fact that this was not an established artist testing new grounds, but a new artist emerging to be that very new ground, and nothing less.

As the identity of the enigmatic producer behind Answer Code Request was revealed to be Patrick Gräser, at least some of the buzz was on the right path. Before Answer Code Request became his project to be in 2010, he spent his youth in the same small hometown near Berlin as Marcel Dettmann and Marcel Fengler, sharing their experiences of hitting the big city as a teenager, in search of the records and clubs that formed the tradition in the 90’s, then taking up DJing and producing shortly after, and sticking with it, and being successful with it as well.
If you listen to the music of Answer Code Request, be it on his astonishing records, as accordingly astonishing live act, or in the shape of his diversified and tremendously executed DJ sets, it all fits together. It seems it only took Answer Code Request a bit longer to enter the spotlight because he wanted it that way. He waited until everything was perfect and ready to go. And then it took him way shorter than almost everybody else to break through, and stay, just because of that.
From first public appearance to internationally acclaimed artist, performer and Berghain resident DJ, it only took Answer Code Request a year. Enough said.

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