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Sigha在今天逐漸重新壯大的英國Techno場景中扮演了關鍵的角色,他在James Ruskin的Blueprint Label還有Hotflush Recording下發行的作品,以及他幫CLR,Perc Trax,Mikrowave,Echocord,Token廠牌所製作的混音都可以感受到他高深莫測的一面,Sigha是一位黑膠唱片的死忠支持者,他於2010年成立了Our Circula Sound來實現自己對於techno的願景,Sigha將傳統元素引進大量複雜的聲音設計與感官氣氛,並巧妙的於放歌時在這些聲響之間找到平衡點。

Sigha is one of the Key figures to emerge from the newly resurgent UK Techno scene. Releases on James Ruskin's Blueprint Label, Hotflush Recordings and Remixes for CLR, Perc Trax, Mikrowave, Echocord and Token to name a few have blurred the lines between the abstract and the dance floor. A huge supporter of Vinyl, he set up his Our Circula Sound stable in 2010 to create a home for his specific vision of Techno. Sigha's sound blends traditionalism with a deep take on sound design and atmosphere, and his ability to translate this into uniquely balanced DJ sets has seen him play regularly at the world's most prestigious venues.

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