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Konstantin Sibold是一位來自德國Stuttgart的DJ,製作人,錄音工程師,和COMMON SENSE PEOPLE活動的發起人之一,早在2009以Konstantin已成為Stuttgart指標夜店ROCKER 33最年輕的駐場DJ,與Michael Mayer,Ellen Allien,Adam Beyer,Marco Carola,Josh Wink等代表性人物同台表演。

2010年Konstantin於techno大廠Salon Rosi Rec.下發表了他的第一張黑膠"Neuland",這張唱片驚動了科隆廠牌Kompakt馬上跟Konstantin簽下了獨家發行權,在Kompakt廠牌的支持下,這張作品成為了德國科隆techno場景的重要代表作,就連Michael Mayer和Âme都常會放這張唱片。

2011年Konstantin發表了低調經典house名曲 "Leif"/"Mariam",在Move D曾在他的專訪中表示"Leif"是他年度最喜歡的歌曲,2012發行的"Aleks"也在各大house排行榜上有著非常好的成績,同年於Snork Enterprises廠牌發行的"Stuttgart EP"也成為該廠牌至今銷售量最好的唱片,相信常逛Beatport的朋友應該不難發現Konstantin Sibold已經是Minimal排行榜上的常客,有時甚至會飆到前十名以內,同時他的創作也受到了Joris Voorn,Steve Bug,Dixon,與Âme的青睬,不難在這些DJ唱片箱裡看到他的作品。

在獲得了多方注目後Dixon與Âme帶領的Innervisions Imprint發行了他的"Madeleine",Konstantin Sibold's Remix of Jazzanova "I Can See"也在環球音樂的Dennis Ferrer授權下在他的紐約廠牌Objektivity發表。

Konstantin Sibold is a Stuttgart-based DJ, producer, mastering engineer and cofounder of the COMMON SENSE PEOPLE event series. Back in 2009 he became the youngest resident DJ of the club Rocker 33 in Stuttgart, where he was asked to play with people like Ellen Allien, Adam Beyer, Marco Carola, Josh Wink, Michael Mayer and many more.

In 2010 his first vinyl "Neuland" was released on Salon Rosi Rec., which was founded by the same guys who were responsible for the techno imprints Neue Heimat and Mutter in the mid 90s. Kompakt Köln was so stunned by the demo files they've heard that they asked for an exclusive distribution deal for Konstantin Sibold's release. With the support of Kompakt, it became one of the big techno records in the Cologne scene 2010, with people like Michael Mayer and Âme playing it.

In 2011 his much-noticed classic house release "Leif" / "Mariam" followed on the french label Caramelo and reached place #6 in the decks house buzz charts and was and still is heavily played by acts like Move D, Soundstream, Sven Weisemann and Lovebirds. Move D was asked in an interview for a favourite track and he answered: "Leif by Konstantin Sibold."In 2012 his second house release "Aleks" on Caramelo even reached place #2 in decks house buzz charts with place #1 in the categories Disco, Chicago House and Detroit House. Following in June 2012 Snork Enterprises released Konstantin Sibold's Stuttgart EP, which became the labels best selling record up to today, with all three tracks being in the top 100 Minimal Charts. "Matze P" even reached place 8 of Beatport minimal charts and "Nils" peak position 11. The release was charted by Joris Voorn, Steve Bug and many more and was one of Innervisions most beloved records of the summer. Dixon & Âme even played two of Konstantin Sibold's tracks in their Ibiza season opening set at We Love Space 2012.

Attracting the attention of Dixon & Âme has led to his next release "Madeleine" on their Innervisions imprint, which will be followed by the "Aristoteles" release on also Berlin based Mojuba and then later in 2013 to Konstantin Sibold's Remix of Jazzanova "I Can See" which will be licensed by Dennis Ferrer from Universal Music for his New York based label Objektivity.

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