DJ Kyoko

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Started her dj career in 2003. Since then she's been loved by people on the dance floor not only in Tokyo but nationwide. Last year she had over 120 gigs (!) and co-starred with a lot of international/domestic popular djs. Her dj style with the smooth-mixing skill is based on her love towards all kinds of music and she can control the vibes of the floor each time with many different genres. She is, for sure, one of the most popular and high-skilled young djs right now. In September, 2008, she produced and released a "girly voice electro compilation album" [Electro Me] together with YATT. From July 2009 to December 2010, she released 4 mix CDs as "XXX" series and they are selling quite well despite the fall of dance music CD sales. In January 2012, her major debut mix CD "Paper Trail of Nights" was released from Pony Canyon. In January 2013, she released new MixCD"Time" Fool" from German underground label , She is always on the move and keeps her attitude - we all should definitely keep an eye on her in the coming future.

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