Yoshi Nori

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Yoshi Nori 於2003年在美國芝加哥開始DJ生涯, 深受當地原始 deep house及底特律Techno曲風影響. 2006年回台灣後積極推廣台灣電子音樂並於各大小活動演出. 

近年來與Mini Jay及 Initials. BB 共同企劃“Bass Kitchen Taipei”活動品牌, 旗下 "Deep Fried House" (炸房子) 派對系列是近期全台唯一前衛地下浩室派對系列.

Yoshi Nori的DJ曲風主要以俏皮的house節拍碟上深沉的deep techno dub旋律為主,同時帶者復古DISCO元素來呈現新世代的多元地下科技舞曲.

Yoshi Nori's DJ career started in 2003 while attending college in Chicago. The city and surrounding environment played a crucial role in defining Yoshi Nori's style, as he is heavily influenced by deeper end of electronic house music and dancefloor oriented -industrial sound of Detroit techno.

After moving back to Taiwan in 2006, Yoshi Nori has been on a mission to introduce fresh sounds exclusively with partners Mini Jay and Initials. BB. Together they successfully organize “BASS KITCHEN ” underground events through-out Taipei city and brought out massive hit event series "Deep Fried House" events among others.

As a DJ, Yosh Nori delivers the sort of thoughtful selection of deep dub techno, techy house sound fusing with touch of nu-disco flavor. Overall Yoshi Nori’s style clearly hints towards the obsessive attitude to constantly delivering cutting edge underground sound.

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