Yasei Collective

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Yasei Collective is a Japanese modern electro crossover band.
A gifted drummer Masanao Matsushita and all under-tones maker Michihiko Nakanishi met in LA. After they retuned to Japan, Takuro Saito joined the members for a poignant guitarist as well as vocal and synthesizers in a time of six months preparation period to be ready for the band by entering a last member Kazuhiro Besho on keyboard of a mellifluous sounds creator to start the band.

Effortlessly blending influences from a diverse range of musical genres ranging from pop to jazz, the Yasei Collective creates a modern electro pop sound that is both familiar yet truly unique. The groups highly entertaining live show is an exciting mix of their original songs combined with on-the-spot improvisation. The Yasei Collective is a trend-setting band with catchy hooks and incredibly talented musicians.

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