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Cvalda,電⼦⾳樂玩家。06年與DJ Lee在成都創⽴了傳奇地下俱樂部
Underground以及Age of Red電⼦⾳樂⺴站。任派對策劃及⺴站負責⼈。09年
樂類型涉及Ambient、Drum&Bass、Bass、Trip-Hop、Abstract Hip-Hop、
World Music等。2010年參加北京⽂化遺產保護中⼼阿爾羌⽂化保護項⺫,為
2015年她的單曲’Macao’通過英國著名海盜電台RinseFM Plastician “The
Sound of China”的節⺫傳到了⼤洋彼岸。
2010年她很快成為中國‭ ‬⻄南唯⼀的,每次出現都令⼈興奮不已的Drum&Bass⼥DJ,她帶著獨特的混合風格和包含Drum&Bass、Dub、Jungle、Dubstep等的⾳樂趣味游遍全國。 同時,作為⽀持嘉賓,她還曾和多位著名⾳樂⼈同台演出,包括DJ Shadow、DJ Marky、Jojo Mayer、U Brown、Nanci & Phoebe ft.DJ Snuff、Dub Phizix &Strategy、Arkaik、RoyGreen、Jubei & SP:MC、Homemade Weapons、Fearful等等。

DnB⾳樂,將包括Dub Phizix&Strategy 、Jubei & SP:MC、以及Homemade

Cvalda loves electronic music and underground parties. Back in 2006, she
founded the club Underground and the music website Ageofred.com with her
best friend DJ LEE, laying the beats for Chengdu's underground party scene
to follow. In 2009, she started to produce music and joined local music label
Mintone Records, releasing ambient, abstract hip-hop and drum & bass music.
She has worked with artists like Miao Jing (Hibanana) and documentary
director Gao Wei in producing music for media art and independent film. In
late 2015, her track ‘Macao’ got international airplay on RinseFM with
Plastician’s ‘Sound of China’ show.

Cvalda has established a reputation as one of Chengdu’s most radical drum &
bass DJs, known for mixing dark jungle, bass, dubstep, reggae, dub and
grime and epic long sessions that keep the dance floor grooving from sunset
to sunrise. As a DJ, she has been invited by labels and festivals including
Xiong Mao, Disco Death, Chengdu Music, Dojo, Do Hits (Beijing), The Drop
(Beijing), Zebra Festival, Strawberry Festival, 123 Festival (Shanghai), Heavy
(HK) and Bass Music China (HK). She has shared the stage with names like
DJ Shadow, DJ Marky, Jojo Mayer, U-Brown, Nanci & Phoebe, DJ Snuff, Dub
Phizix & Strategy, Jubei & SP:MC, Arkaik, Roy Green, Homemade Weapons,
Fearful etc.

Cvalda founded the underground bass music group ‘MIST’ in 2014, dedicated
to promoting underground drum&bass/bass music all over China, bringing
artists like Dub Phizix & Strategy, Jubei & SP:MC, Homemade Weapons,
Fearful, Arkaik etc. to China.

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