Bohan Phoenix

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我們最心愛的rapper,Bohan是10歲移民美國的華人。成長於純正的Hip Hop文化中,他已經在說唱圈裡摸爬多年。2010年搬到紐約以後,他得以在哈萊姆傳奇的阿波羅劇場以及布魯克林各處登台演出。他與哥倫比亞裔rapper Duzzo Dave,神童音樂人Jachary及其樂隊The Pluto Moons的合作,不斷推動著他的音樂突破限制,並誕生了loveloveNYC——lovelove是一個團隊,是Bohan新EP的名字,是一個概念,是一種生活方式,是一切

Born in HuBei and immigrating to the states at the age of 11, Bohan Phoenix is a bilingual artist currently living in Brooklyn, New York. Having performed across the five boroughs from Pianos to Nuyorican Poets Café to the hallowed stage of the Apollo Theatre, Bohan is a fixture in the New York scene. With the motto of lovelove and a consistent output of original and thoughtful content since 2013, Bohan continues to mold his sound and evolve through collaborations with the one of a kind producer Jachary of The Pluto Moons and Beijing/Taipei based producer Howie Lee. Together with Lee, Bohan has curated a unique sound that is a careful blend of East and West for a project the likes of which has never been heard before. Switching back and forth between his native tongue and English, Bohan commands his intentions with purpose as his flow compliments Howie’s grand oriental productions harmoniously. After a massively successful 9-city Vice China Tour this past April sharing stages with other fantastic Chinese rooted producers such as Mike Gao and Nehzuil, Bohan has made himself a very recognizable figure in the rap scene from Brooklyn to China.

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