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Kim Kate

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Kim Kate是韓國籍制作人/DJ Heewon Oh的音樂項目。Kim的音樂聰明地融合了多樣化的音樂織體與風格,自從他搬去倫敦以後,悄然在倫敦堅不可摧的舞曲場景制造起了一場波瀾。作為一名聲音設計師與MAX MSP死忠,他給舞池帶來了更多合成化的聲音圖景。高產的他迅速席卷了Radar Radio, Rinse FM, Classical Trax與Thump等各大平台。對於Kim Kate來說,科技與人的感知之間相隔的,是一個精妙的聲音化過程。

Kim Kate is the musical project led by Korean producer/DJ Heewon Oh. Since his recent relocation to London, Kim Kate has been silently making waves in UK’s prominent dance scene by releasing an array of music incorporating an intelligent but varied selection of textures and styles to the sounds surrounding him.
Through his developments as a sound designer & MAX MSP enthusiast he tries to bring a more synthetic image onto the dance floor. With a large catalogue of releases, his high-energy twist on dance music has seen him land very prominent features on a selection of platforms such as Radar Radio, Rinse FM, Classical Trax & Thump. Over the last 3 years he has been exporting his signature sound to clubs all around the world from his home town of Seoul to Basel, Paris & The Netherlands. To Kim Kate it’s all about a rare process of sonification that would
augment the connection between technology.

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