Daniel Ness

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生在法國、冰島血統、現居倫敦的制作人/音樂家Daniel Ness,是一種仿生人類動態的有機氣動的化身。他的首張EP “I Paid My Dues”讓這位年輕人迅速獲得了諸如Soulection, Jarreau Vandal, Jamz Supernova, BBC Radio 1Xtra, Yours Truly一類大名的支持。作為Merci Jitter與22tracks的主理人之一,他在不同的音樂場景之間來去自如。近期Daniel正與荷蘭廠牌Zen Supremacy以及Slugabed的廠牌Activia Benz在合作一個新的R&B項目。

French born, Icelandic bred and now London based producer/musician
Daniel Ness is all about fusion and the creation of an atmosphere filled with organic movements resembling human motions. Shortly after the release of his first EP ‘I Paid My Dues’ the young producer gained a wide amount of support from a number of important names (Soulection, Jarreau Vandal, Jamz Supernova, BBC Radio 1Xtra, Yours Truly) due to the eclectic nature of his sound. From then on, he landed a second EP with the Singapore based label Darker Than Wax.

As the Founder of Merci Jitter and co-manager of 22tracks (London), Daniel Ness has proven himself to be able to transcend through diverse musical scenes. He’s acclaimed a form of European respect through not only his productions but through his atypical DJ sets performed throughout European venues (Paris, Bordeaux, Nantes, Amsterdam, Maastricht, Rotterdam, Basel, Madrid …) apologetically blending club music, hip hop sub-genres and UK Techno into a coherent sound world. He is currently affiliated with Dutch label ZenSupremacy and Slugabed’s label Activia Benz, working on a new R’n’B project and a promising EP which will showcase the above mentioned influences.

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