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Damacha(大麻茶), 座標上海的美國制作人。風格從 Hip-Hop 出發融入 Bass,Future 等元素,並巧妙得運用一些稀有的音頻玩著獨樹一幟的采樣。三年來在 SoundCloud 積攢的死忠粉見證了他音樂上的一次次蛻變。與 Psymun,Chester Watson 等音樂人的合作更是讓他 beats 中的趣味性發揮到了最大。

Damacha 絕對是近年來流行的beats 運動裡中國地區的最傑出代表之一。作為一個國際化制作人的他從波特蘭到明尼蘇達,墨西哥,法國,北京最後到了上海。緣由中的情懷全在 beats 裡。現場方面,Damacha 並不拘泥於器材。從 midi 鍵盤到 SP-404 set,他都使用得很純熟。即興加入說唱也是讓他的放音時間充滿感染力的要素,你能想像一口標准的美音普通話在現場的戲劇性效果。 他的專輯十分具有創造力,其中Excellent Tea就奠定了他在中國當代音樂的獨一無二的位置,他將hip-hop音樂風格與中國京味兒混搭,那些胡同兒、舊唱片隨著每個低音彼此接近又互相融合。2014年 Damacha 更是在中國獨立唱片廠牌 Groove Bunny Records 發行了自己的全新磁帶以及數字版專輯 ,開始了自己對融合中國音樂文化的正式探索。

Damacha is an American producer based in Shanghai since 2013 who makes sample-heavy beats, often from old Chinese cassettes and records. He's prolific, releasing everything from a Justin Bieber remix EP (actually really good) to a luxury perfume themed EP, and this weekend, twelve tracks of Tuhao ("Chinese for hood rich", says Damacha) footwork, built with samples from those "disco" CDs sold by street vendors on bikes.

Damacha's music displays an obsession with Chinese sonic culture, filtered through the mind of a particularly internet-articulate beat savant. While averaging out around the 90 bpm boom-bap mark, his beats jump from style to style and incorporate samples from every possible source, working through the maestro's flitting obsessions with Chinese mall techno, McDonald's music, classical instrumentation, gutter pop; his collaborations with producers and rappers mediated by Twitter, Weibo, Wechat, QQ, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Douban; and his in-the-flesh encounters with Shanghai's underground elite at such glorious dives as The Shelter, Arkham, Arcade.

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