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Yllis makes experimental electronic pop, melding wonky bass music and sino-grime influences with infectious vocal R&B hooks. The result is music of the future - a vision of globalized culture streaming through wireless internet pipelines, borderless and hyper-connected.

Born in Singapore and now based between his home city and New York, Yllis explores the claustrophobia and frustrations of growing up in the rigid, capitalist island state as part of a Chinese diaspora marooned from its cultural roots. A city built upon Western colonial influence, yet fundamentally divorced from it. The music ends up being both deeply personal and a universal testament against cultural hegemony, reaching out in ways that are warped and strange, yet hopeful and wondrous.

In 2016, Yllis self-released his debut EP, ISLAND-01, to critical acclaim, and has just put out an instrumental record titled Exodus on renowned Beijing underground electronic label, Do Hits.

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