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WonFu 旺福

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3/13 at 4pm
-- at Austin City Hall Plaza (301 W 2nd St, Austin)
3/14 at 1pm "DUMA TAIWAN" party
- at 512 (408 E 6th St, Austin)
3/15 at 4pm
-- at Hangar Lounge
(318 Colorado St, Austin)
3/16 at 1pm
-- at Student Activity Center Ballroom on the University of Texas at Austin Campus
3/16 at 11pm
-- at The Jr
603 Red River St (603 Red River St, Austin)

Won Fu are innovative and wildly popular in Taiwan. The band members consist of Xiao Min (male vocal, guitar), Mami (female vocal), Dupi (drums), Twiggy (bass) and Ringo (the bandleader and a real dog). Contrary to the stereotype associated with rock bands, this wacky rock quartet does not appear in leather jackets or tight jeans, nor do they present an intimidating image of angry young rebels. Won Fu believe that their music and their live shows should be full of joy.

Won Fu list their musical influences as ranging from rock 'n' roll, to punk rock, to techno, and disco/electro. Their music does not follow a strict formula nor fit neatly into a specific genre as it encompasses so many different musical styles. Unconventional they may be, but their music is pleasingly delightful and irresistible. With vocalists more likely to hum light-hearted whimsical tunes than sing clichéd love songs, their bizarre and exuberant spirit is extremely catching. Their music is addictive, their lyrics infectious, their mood cheerful. Some say they blend the simple happiness of childhood with the affected melancholy of the teenage years. Yet their seemingly simple and humorous songs are the products of sophisticated creation.

Since making a splash at Japan’s TaiK Rock Festival in 2006, the band has gone on to release several Japanese-language versions of their songs, including “Do Re Mi”, the single “Modern Monsoon Groovin’” from their fourth album, released in 2007, and “The Wonderful World of Won Fu”, which is their biggest hit in Japan so far. In February 2008, "The Wonderful World of Won Fu" tour kicked-off in Japan to rave reviews. In addition to touring in Japan, the band has also performed at the Huayi Festival in Singapore, as well as in Hong Kong, Macau, and China (Beijing, Shanghai, and Hangchow).

他們的音樂,就是為了開心!! 台上台下都要開心,俏皮帶點復古的演出風格,深受到新世代年輕朋友的喜愛。旺福童趣十足,但簡單的詼諧感背後,卻是複雜的技術與創意,因此歷久不衰,實力征服人心,來到語言隔閡的美國舞台,旺福勢必依舊掀起跳鬧熱潮,畢竟:有人聽見旺福會不開心嗎?

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