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Unfamiliar Friends Party was established in late 2007 by Xiao-zen, lilybeer, Ko and Ping. With the experiences on composing music on the laptops, the electronic-rock setup, and the on stage performance, combine with the passion for the electronic dance music, Unfamiliar Friends Party was soon on their track creating music. In just a year, Unfamiliar Friends Party has participated in 2 compilation albums and performed in each major music festivals and livehouse in Taiwan. They also collaborated with artists from different fields in Taiwan. and they started their world tour from 2011, they played at SXSW(US), NXNE(CANADA), CHINA and UK. Unfamiliar Friends Party released their first EP "WE ARE SO WISE" in 2009, first mini album "headstrong" in 2010 (all Mastered by Mike Marsh). Japanese version album "Silence is Ghost" in 2013. first album "Pignity" in 2017.

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